There are benevolent and compassionate people who give money without expecting anything in return. The foster parent is an example of these people. He or she looks after children in need or orphans. Most of foster parents would like to have their own kids but life or obstacles do not allow it. In my view, these people should be financial support in the name of educated and kind children. As you might know, in 2012 the mobile operator Mtel launched an initiative named „Foster care. Create the future?. Their aim is to aid people who have decided to give a normal life to disadvantaged children. In my opinion, their act should be a pattern, involving more and more organizations and brands in foster parents supporting. Foundations like Sylvie Vartan work in that way. The same could be stated about Svetlio Kantardzhiev who helps a lot with clothing, toys, money and spend time as a volunteer. Becoming a foster parent is equal to heroism, giving a second chance and a new life. I have already made a donation to support foster parents and I am so glad that there is one more kindness in the world.

I hope we all open our hearts to the children and try to help in some way and support foster families.

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