That is a question on which I ponder a lot these days. It seems we all share the same world, but we live in quite different worlds of our own (Mike Knopfler – Brothers in Arms lyrics), formed by our perceptions, learned life lessons, dominating emotions, family and work environment and so on. It seems that everyone experiences reality differently.

And very, very rarely, we manage to touch each other and join our realities together with other people and this makes us so fulfilled and happy! These, I believe, are moments of life in which we feel truly connected and that bring so much meaning and joy to life. And on the next day, your reality perception and experience is not the same, it is enriched by the one of the person you connected to.

It is sad, but the world and all its messages drive us so far away from this openness to connect to others! Most of us have actually forgotten they can do this and they spend most of their life only in “their own reality”…


The thoughts on this subject were provoked in me by a Bulgarian magazine I read – Biograph. I learned about it from an interview by the publisher Svetlyo Kantardjiev and when I bought one of its copies, I fell in love with it. As you can guess by its name, there are many biographies inside it of so many different people – artistic and scientific geniuses, prominent political leaders and so on.

Reading, it seems, is not so direct, but yet another way to touch to the reality experience of other people. Especially reading autobiographies, poems, stream-of-consciousness books and so on.  And the reason I am so interested in how other people experience reality, is because I believe and I know how you experience reality actually determines how happy are you in life, lets you make better decisions, can make you a lot more intelligent and maybe also in some cases influences our common subjectively-objective reality.

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